Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Lemon Chali Amritsar!

Do not, I repeat, do not blame anyone if you are missing the much needed peace and vacation from your life because if you want it, no-one can stop you from living it. Our trip for 11 turned out to be a trip for 7. 

If you ask if I enjoyed less? 
I would say 'No'!

If you ask if I was un-sure of the fun and the company? 
I would say, "Yes, at the very beginning but the ending was pretty, amazingly happy".

Rest is history. 

They say that you need to pour your heart out to someone to feel the peace, I have learnt that you need to just get out of your home, step at a peaceful place and live for your ownself. I would say, when people can't help, a serene place like Golden Temple will. When you don't know what you are craving for from days, a plate of Amritsari Kulchas with a glass of lassi will definitely full your stomach. No wonder I am glad that this trip happened, I would be more glad in sharing the learnings and things one can do when visiting Amritsar.

Before I hop down to my very own to-do list, you need to read this list.

Things everyone will ask you to do in Amritsar:
  •        Visit the 3 main places i.e. Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh and Wagah Border.

  •       Shop at Hall Market, Kapda bazar for the famous Phulkari work clothes, Punjabi Jutti and the famous papad-wadiya.

  •        Eat Amritsari Kulcha from the famous Kulche wala shops right before the Temple area.

Done with the above mentioned list, forget them now and follow these instead.

Things I would recommend you to do and not to do in Amritsar:
  •      Spend a day at the Temple alone and earn some peace for yourself.
  •     Do not spend much of time in Jallianwala Bagh, this place can be covered quickly.
  •        The famous Bharawaan tha dhabha has 3 branches, eat at all three outlets but the one above Domino’s Pizza serves amazing Dal Makhni and Mushroom Corn, try that!

  •     Do not book a cab for Wagah Border, try an auto, the auto vale uncle ji will entertain you more.

  •         Ask unknown people to take your pictures, people are really generous there, trust me.
  •        Do not, I repeat do not live in a hotels. There are 5-star Sarais waiting to lend you a room at a cheaper cost. But but but, you cannot book it online. (We just checked out the washrooms of some, and trust me they were pretty cool. Still wondering why weren’t we living there). Also, you can consider living in hostels if you are alone or with your gang, they are cheap and comfortable.
  •        If you are a girl, planning to visit Amritsar alone or with your girlfriends, the city is extremely safe ladies. Have fun.

  •        Shout loudly at the Wagah border against the other country, the only place where all your patriotism will be out via your Indian Slogans.

  •        Do not buy juttis from Hall Market as you can find the same stuff in Delhi at half of the cost (specifically for people living in Delhi, I am sure things are same for the Mumbaiwalas). Whereas, you can still search some shops for cheap Phulkari work garments, if you are lucky you might get something cheap. If not, may god save your wallet. Point to be noted- Ask locals like auto walas for cheap shops away from the Temple area and you might shop wonders under a low budget.
  •          Do not come back without trying the Amritsari Kulchas. They were awesome. I still miss them here in NCR. Eat, repeat, pack and then eat them again. This is something is not to be missed.
  •         Make sure you carry some comfortable footwear as walking is the key to roam around Amritsar. Also, you have to remove, submit and wear it again while entering and exiting from the temple, go for slip-ons and ignore the lace ones.

So, when are you planning one?
C’mon, Amritsar ki galiyaan are waiting for you. 

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

एक चिठ्ठी मेरे 'उन' के नाम - 'शायद चल जाएगा'।

हाँ है चाहत कि तारीफ करे हर बार वो जब भी मैं खूबसूरत दिखूं,
पर अगर सालो-साल में कभी एक बार भी अचानक वो बोल दे, "अच्छी दिख रही है आज" तो चल जाएगा!

हाँ है चाहत कि मेरे घर मे घुसते साथ मेरी उदासी भाँप ले वो,
पर अगर उसने बिना ध्यान के आकार अपनी शरारत व बातो से मुझे उदासी भूलने पे मजबूर करदिया तो चल जाएगा।

हाँ है चाहत कि छुट्टी के दिन को बिताए मेरे साथ,
पर अगर दोस्तों के साथ वक़्त बिता के आने पर मुझे हँसी का हर किस्सा बताने को बेताब रहे, तो चल जाएगा।

हाँ है चाहत कि अच्छे और प्यारे मौको पे सरप्राइज दे वो मुझे पर अगर जन्मदिन पे मेरे 12 बजे खाली हाथ भी विश करेगा तो शायद चल जाएगा।

हाँ है चाहत कि भीड़ में मेरे साथ रहे, न छोड़ें अकेला मुझे,
पर दूर कही से साथ किसी और के खड़े हुए, अगर एक बार मेरी तरफ देखकर मुस्कुरा भी दे तो शायद चल जाएगा।

हाँ है चाहत कि थक कर जब रात में आउ मैं तो दिन भर की मेरी कहानिया सुनने को बेताब बैठा हो,
पर अगर थक कर वो सो जाए और नींद में आते सपनो में मुस्कुराए तो चल जाएगा।

हाँ है चाहत कि प्यार मुझसे बे-इंतेहा करे कोई,
पर अगर बातें सुनने और मेरे मन को समझने वाला हुआ तो शायद चल जाएगा।

बेशुमार ना सही, बस प्यार हो, बार बार हो तो शायद चल जाएगा।

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Suddenly, one day!

Suddenly, one day you realize your value in their eyes. Worthless it is! A sudden moment of realization where the thought of being taken for granted cross your mind and all the past behaviors start to fall in place.  The moment when you realize that what you considered important or prioritized over others don't even understand the value of the time, feelings you invested in them. And, all those years of turmoil, dedication seemed worthless. Your worth becomes worthless in your own eyes. And, it happens in a fraction of a second, a second that helps you clear the thin layer of assumptions that you have formed over the years.
But life and people have strange ways of dealing with people, you see. I too have my own ways.
So, one day, I'll disappear.
I'll walk away from you, to never walk back ever again in your life. I'll find a new road, a new destination, and you, you will no longer be my home from that day. I know, that's unreasonable, I know, that's almost next to impossible, but I will, for myself.
I will, not because I'm tired of being your friend, but because I'm tired of being the only one there. I knew I was strong, I always have been.
For you, I was a path. A path you traveled down, occasionally, at times when you were stressed or wished to confide, but for me, you were home, and I wonder if I'm even ready to change my address yet. It's like I kept looking for you wherever I have been, but you know what's more tragic? You were never there.
This has been a journey I don't wish to live again. Being with you, I might have had the best moments of my life, but some of the most painful moments of life were gifted by you too. Knowing that you'll always take me for granted over others, it hurts. And, it always will. You know, I understand the importance of priorities, I understand that I am not your priority but being taken for granted. Really?
Don't you worry, this won't be any different, this will not be something anew. You've always been that someone, the one who took me for granted.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Is it love?

Do you know what love is?
Do you or do you?
Love is not just about the butterflies you feel in your heart whenever you look at your someone special.
Love is falling for the right person at the wrong time. Love is saying 'control yourself' to your heart even when it didn't want to. Love is about knowing that the one you love can never be yours. Love is about understanding that the one you love doesn't love you back. Love is about loving someone even after they are gone long back. Love is about loving the one your love is in love with. Love is controlling your jaw dropping down when that 'one' looks extremely hot and you have to control your hormones by saying, 'Oh! You look good.'

Just good? Really?

Love is about explaining yourself every single night, 'Aree, it's not love. It's just a crush.' but still keep wetting your pillow with those never ending tears. Love is when you forget to remove your make up and gift it to your bedsheet every night after rubbing your eyes million of times while you can't sleep.
Love is when you keep reminding yourself, 'Dude, you are screwed'.

Have you ever felt that weakness, weakness when you no longer stay in the world that you are in?
Have you ever entered your kitchen for a glass of water but stood up there for like 15 minutes with a spatulla and a plate in both hands thinking why you were there?
Have you ever waited for 11 PM so that you could say good night to everyone and then cry yourself to sleep?
Have you ever tried hard to control your tears back just because you know you can't let everyone know what you are going through?
Have you ever felt that weak that you being completely, perfectly, medically fit couldn't find it easy to stand on your feet because something inside is weakning you?

If you are happy in love, don't worry, it is love indeed.
But if you are not happy and you still can't hold back loving someone, it is definitely LOVE.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Happy endings!

Do you believe in happy endings? Well, I don't. I don't believe that there's anything like 'happy endings'. And, even if it exists for you, I don't believe in it. 
Nothing ends happily leaving smiling people behind. Not even the ultimate ending of human existence - Death!
I rather believe in happy middles. The moments of happiness are experienced always in the middle. You fell for the person of your dreams in the middle of your story, you marry the love of your life in the middle of your story, you become the CEO of your company in the middle, you will give birth to beautiful kids in the middle, you will buy your dream car, house, everything in the middle, trust me when I say everything, it will all be yours in the middle.
So, I believe in happy middles. 
No one will cherish the moment if you win the world championship on the day of your death but will certainly mourn that moment.
This is why, I am against this philosophy of happy endings. 
I believe in happy beginnings and happy middles. ❤