Saturday, 17 February 2018

Be a budget beauty this summer! ❤️

February is about to end, winters are kinda over and summers are almost here. And, with this confusing season on the way, there comes a need to shop because c'mon it's a sale everywhere. Who needs a better reason than a sale to spill all the money in our pockets at the billing booths of shopping mall and flee markets?

So, here I comeup with my very first fashion blog on styling tips under a budget of Rs. 1000. I was excited and was planning for this blog from a long time but the last minute hassles and the first-time fashion blogging were enough of reasons for me to not be able to find a professional photographer or just a good camera. But, please appreciate my best friend (a person who's always there in times of need) for these shots that atleast are helping me to begin.


Shall I proceed?

LOOK 1: Going green with these crazy culottes!

Top: Jabong @300 (during Pre-Summer Sale)
Culottes: Janpath, CP @ 300
Neckpeice: Janpath, CP @ 250

LOOK 2: Being a budget beauty in black!

Dress: Reliance Trends @ 550 (Sale, again. Duh!)
Belt: Turab Nagar, Ghaziabad @100

LOOK 3: Shinning blue with this easy breezy maxi!

Dress: Lifestyle @750 (Tell me of you are jealous because you just missed the awesome sale? Right?)
Pink Slippers: Turab Nagar, Ghaziabad @200

Fashion must be comfortable, otherwise it is not fashion which is why I don't believe in keeping it too complex. On one hand where layering is something that I love doing, there are times when going simple is the key to look both pretty and hot. Also, mixing and matching every pair of dress with different sandals could be done but you can also buy a good pair of nude bellies like mine that just go extremely well with almost every other dress. So, hurry, the sale is still on on some top brands. If you are lucky, you might still find a perfect dress for you under a budget that doesn't create holes in your pockets.

These are my top 3 summer looks that you can definitely try. Keep looking forward for more fashion, styling and budget shopping tips. Do share your reviews in the comment section if you liked the looks. Till then, get up, dress up and slay it up.❤️

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

It's another day of sun! ❤️

This is my life.

I am going with the flow yet I am confused as to where I am heading. I have people in my life who inspire me, who I am quite not having a matching wavelength with, people I have lost, people I love, people I know will not last long even after making promises all so strong. Each day, I laugh hard, cry sometimes, worry at moments, think at times, get hurt, hurt others, exhaust my own self doing things I am not happy about. There are days I am proud of my self, love the person I am becoming and then there are days when I hate a part of me for being something that it shouldn't be. So, sometimes I am a bad person. There are times when I praise people but then there are times when I want to say a sorry but just couldn't type & send it. Sometimes, I want to be alone in a place that is crowded to get the comfort of being alone in the surrounding of people who don't know me and sometimes I don't want to be left alone with people I don't know or just know and I keep looking at the door in a party for someone to enter that I can feel happy being around.

There are times I know that I need something or do anything in a certain way that will make the things different, change things in a way I wanted them to be. I know there are times when reading a certain book or my favourite book all over again will make things fine. I know sometimes I need to go out, go on a trip, the beauty and peace of which I know will bring that necessary vibe that I am looking forward in my life.

I want to tell people every time they ask me "Is there anything wrong?" that "There's nothing wrong but yes, I am trying to unlock the happiness that is lost somewhere in my own self. I am trying to reward me with things I always wanted but couldn't get, I am trying to read a book I brought the other day but I am not able to read it for I don't know why! And that, I know, all I need is to look inside and motivate my own self a l'il bit. All I need is 4 weeks or just 7 days or maybe only a coffee session with you to gulp what's bothering me with all the bullshit that we might end up talking." but all I reply is "Naah!" with a meek smile.

But, to my surprise, there's just the next day when I wake up with this newly found enthusiasm, intense emotions when words keep blooming out of my fingertips on the keyboard of my laptop. Hope pours on the same old way that I travel down everyday to reach my office, into my jokes, into my laughter and into my life and I feel lucky enough the moment I realize that I survived the previous night when life seemed clueless.

I don't exactly know how that shift keep occurring or what led to the changes that keep on coming anyways like sun and moon. But, one thing that I know is that- it was, is and will always be me that will make my life better. I know that, every time when I look up for happiness in others, I end up finding it in my own self. Every time I start looking for happiness, I realise it is not something that one can find but is something that one has to become.

Yes, this is my life. It is clumsy even if Monica hates it every time I make a mess, it looks pathetic even if Rachel has taught me to make it all fashionable, it is awesome at times when Barney is around, it is crazy at times when Phoebe is singing Smelly Cat yet all over again, it is funny every time Chandler cracks a joke, it is romantic and all dreamy when I couldn't take my eyes off Ted, it is confusing more than Ross's life, it lacks a love story like Lilly and Marshall, it has got no brave stories I could recite like Khaleesi, it doesn't have a story of a tution romance like Rajat and Ishita and has no room mates like Tanya or Mikesh, it is awkward at times but amazing too when I enjoy the slice of my Pizza with Joey and fantastic everytime a Gunther at a coffeehouse serves me my favourite coffee. And, somehow I am surviving each day with a smile at the end singing (without rhythm and melody because I am no good singer)-

And when they let you down,
The morning rolls around,
It's another day of sun! ❤️

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Introduce With Love | Know Me Better

Okay, so this post is going to be a bit long as I have a lot to write in this one. Please be patient and read it till the end. There are a lot of funny elements so that you don’t get bored of all the things written in this piece. 

So, I was just going through my FB feed this Friday (while I had a week-off) when I saw a video of Deepak Ramola titled What do you say when someone asks, "Who are you?" Or "Tell me about yourself"? Your introduction can reveal a lot about you. This life lesson will help you make it a memorable one. I casually opened it because the title attracted me and the video me go all OMG! I tagged Lalit in the video (You must know him, we tag each other a lot and are best friends) because I somehow knew he’s gonna love it too. This ignited a zeal in me in writing about this post ‘WHO AM I?’ and a lazy girl with a weekoff spend her entire morning watching his videos. You can watch the video here (I will suggest you to watch all of his videos, he is my new inspiration these days): 


I am not writing a bio for him even if I am very much in awe of him because you can always Google  it if you are interested in reading about him. I was and thus have read almost everything I could about him. 

Coming to the motive of this write-up, I asked myself, ‘Who am I?’ and this was the answer that followed: 

To start with, I am a liar! I will lie when I'll not like being with you, talking to you by simply nodding and smiling at everything you say. I'll say I am not judgemental but will judge you from the core of my heart inside my head. I'll never tell you if I felt bad of something that you said because I like keeping things inside. (Because there is something beautiful about keeping certain aspects of your life hidden. Maybe people and clouds are beautiful because you can’t see everything!)

I am a nervous human being who seems talkative to everyone while am actually shy of talking to people at times. (I have a vibe-issue is all I can say to justify this behavior of mine.) Not just this, someday, if I see you in the market, I might end up ignoring you and hiding my own self well because I am too shy to initiate a conversation but on other days, I might text you out of nowhere and keep talking to you for like days and god knows for how long. 

I ask the meaning of jokes I don't understand rather than just laughing on them because everyone is doing so. I gently accept the fact if I am not aware about the happenings in news because I am less of a news and newspaper kinda person (Okay, judge me now! And, I am a media student. Playing jokes with life).

When I say I am a good listener, trust me on the part that I can listen to just any, any, anyone and anything out there. And, when I say anyone and anything, you can not even predict the depths and tendencies I am known for among people who know me for listening to humans (Jao, kabhi Nihari, Lal ki haveli pe unse puchne! #BFFthings). All you need to do is offer me a cup of coffee at CCD or Starbucks, I might even end up paying the bill because ‘coffee is bae’ (Devil’s own and Caramel Frappuccino are my favourite, in case you wanted to buy me one). So, another point is I am a big time coffee addict. If not humans, it is coffee that can take me to places because 'Helloooo, I love it'.

I am a person of words and promises and someone who remember things. So, next time you promise me something, make sure you do it because I might not remind you ever of promises that you made, never, but will end up adding that unkept-promise in my book of 'Promises made but not completed'. 

I am punctual, I like people who reach 5 minutes before than the ones who get stuck in traffic, oversleep, had some urgency, left their phones on silent and couldn't listen to their alarms or make other useless excuses. (C’mon, just say that you got late directly and things will be all cool, I am a simple human.) 

I am a good motivator if you believe my friends and a bad public speaker. I speak more in my head and you will catch me smiling often while I am working or just sitting because of this habit. 

I get bored of things, hobbies and sometimes even humans (this doesn’t decrease my affection of them) because every now and then I need new things to do, I want to try new hobbies and want to talk to different people. People I can learn different things from. So, if you are around me, you will find me being super close to some people for a year and then a new set of never-heard before friends will turn my day and night chat buddies because that’s their time. 

I do not believe in losing people but I do not believe in keeping them all tied up with me every now and then. I have friends, I will have new friends and some more will add to it, c’mon you have to accept me if you want me to love you forever. My ‘not messaging you daily’ or ‘not being in touch with you’ doesn’t mean that I am over you, it just means that you have a special place which will be yours forever and I have a habit of juggle and flirt around. (#Imp: I leave no moment telling the ones I love how special they are, so if you are one of them, lucky you!) 

[A mini PS: I might never tell a guy if I ever fall for one that I Love Him because that's how I am.]

Some of my bad habits include mentioning my opinions in each and every situation, be it your life and you don’t even need that, I will still say it because I cannot keep it to myself. (This habit is human-selective) Because every coin has two sides, some good habits include replying to each and every person who texts me (you will never find un-read messages in my inbox) and I will always talk to you being all humble. 

I believe everyone deserves a reply and one should value everyone’s efforts that they invest in us. The other thing that I missed above is that I am a good listener not only because stories attract me (Yes, they do! Try telling me one sometime, I am all ears) but I believe everyone deserves to be heard

Stories are something which are not meant to be kept, they are meant to be told and every other human in this world or outer space has a story, some told and some untold stories. 

I sometimes want to travel the world and raise a dog and want to get married the very next moment and have 6 kids instead. This is how unpredictable I am. While all the decisions of my career and studies were taken by me, I still cannot decide one between two options (I am a Libran and they are indecisive). I will be hungry but will not know what I want to eat, select two dresses but will not be able to decide which one to buy and will end up buying both (Kyuki, paise ki kami nahi hai! #JustKidding) which brings me to the point of being a bit Shopaholic

Right from following all the trendy fashion to fashion bloggers, I love buying clothes for my own self or for anyone. So, next time you need a shopping partner, take me along and thank me later. 

Having OCDs is trending now. I wonder what do people called these things when they weren't aware of this term. But, I actually have some. 

I cannot stand incomplete stories, conversations, fights and arguments. And with that, I am not kidding when I say that I really had some rough and sleepless nights because of some assholes present in this world for giving me hints and not telling me about things or ending a conversation with "Chod na yaar". (Are kaise chod de bhaiya, neend nahi aayegi, pura batao.) There are some people who understand this and I can easily convince them to give me closures and complete information but I can actually not do this to everyone. Never, never, I repeat never do that to me! You can never understand the level of mental stress I go through just by spending hours on overthinking about people and things that don't even matter. And if you are important, I might die of a heart attack or brain haemorrhage one day because of you, but why will you care (Hum Apke Hai Kaun)? And, would you believe that every fight that you left incomplete, I have actually spend days completing it in my head by actually debating on every single thing that I would have said and you would have countered on. (Life's tough peeps! But I am no less in being tough either!)

Not exaggerating the above point too much, the other OCD I have is actually a bit funny. I have a habit of washing my hands or cleaning them with tissues hundreds of times a day because somehow every touch (human or non-human) makes me do it. So, if you find me going on and on to the loo then ‘No, I am not going there time and again to pee, I just need to wash my hands’. (That doesn't make you any kind of unhygenic, it's just an OCD that I have). 

Because you might stop reading it if I continue it, to conclude, let me introduce ‘Me’ to you in a single line which goes like: 

I am a nervously crazy, hopelessly living, ever-changing, judgmental, lunatic day-dreamer who is funny enough to make some people smile, one of the best listeners you'll ever find and someone who's always up for junk food provided it is veg!

PS: I being single from like childhood do not believe in this Valentine-Week shit but I won't mind getting a Chocolate, Teddy, Rose and other gift-stuff from you. प्यार बांटते चलो <3

PPS: If you think you know it all, congrats you are a good friend! If you know more, congrats you are a better than good friend and if you know that I can kill someone if they bothers you, do I still need to tell you that I LOVE You?

PPPS: I am going to kill you with my words today! This piece is a hint of the kind of person that I am. I am all fluctuating and a book that is unpredictable. Stay close to keep knowing me better!

Friday, 9 February 2018

My favourite company!

Meet mommy! She is one of the coolest mommies out there who can ask you to order pizza out of nowhere when she is craving for one, crack jokes in a serious conversation and then laugh till her eyes are full with happy tears and my daddy (who is having a guest appearance on this post) is all irritated. No, don't misjudge her, she can scold you hard for not scoring well, for not being punctual, for all the reasons I considered her strict for all these years.

Introductions over!

Do you know how it feels to have an off in the middle of the week when all your friends are busy with their work and you have to end up your cravings with a packet of Maggi cooked in the simplest possible ways because:

1. You wanted Pasta and not Maggi.

2. ‎You are lazy enough to chop the vegetables because 'Hellooooo, You wanted Pasta'.
You might know this feeling if you work on a Roster too but if the answer to the above question is a NO, how was your day at work today?

And while I was all lazing around in the morning today with a hope of spending the day in bed, two people came to my rescue.

Yes, two!

1. Deepak Ramola
Who's he? Well, I'll come to him in an entirely new post which is still in the writing process.

Short, he made my morning!

And to make my afternoon and evening way better,

2. Mommy comes to the rescue.
Have I not introduced you to mommy up in the beginning?


She is all crazy, baaton ki dukaan and one of my favourite companies of all time. And, when I say this, trust me, I had no second thoughts for this one. She is having more knowledge of what's trending in fashion because she follows more celebrities than me. Thanks to the 'HT page-3' and her 'Saas-Bahu and Family Guru'. And when it comes to food, I am lucky to have a mom who likes Pizza and White Pasta. ❤️

Started with Dominoes, we then went to Haristo (one of my favourite places in town these days) then to 'Me Waffle and More' for some awesome pancakes we ended up making fun of and finally ended the food-a-thon with road-side Gol-Gappe because c'mon, she needs to digest all the junk I fed her with the entire afternoon.

You know what, when we are born, our mommies spend days and nights till we actually form a routine of when to eat, sleep, play and poop. Then she turns into our first best friend while we step into school because who otherwise will listen to all our stupid stories of 'whose sharpner was better than ours' and 'whose lunch had Maggi'. But, she's there always despite of the idiotic kids we were. Then time flied and we the new adults got so engrossed in our lives that this awesome place that once belonged to only her is now turned into we all know what. And, on days like today I find immense joy and a newly earned stamina in her in my otherwise 'turning old' mom because you know what, her old best friend finally is spending a day with her and only her.

So mom, you were, are and will always be special. And I wrote all this just to tell you that in the priority list that I have in life, you still holds the first place even if I have grown this big.

Cheers to the day we had, cheers to the yuckiest pancakes we had and the cheapest but yummiest gol-gappas we ended our evening with.

PS: She and food fueled me well for tomorrow's 12-hour Modera-Thon. Moderator 2, 3, 5, 6 and moderator.admin1, how was your day at work? 
Moderator 4, I know you had an awesome day too. ❤️

Thursday, 8 February 2018

The first step!

If taking risks was an attribute everybody had, taking that first step for something wouldn't have been that tough. Of the entire ladder that we keep planning to climb, the first step certainly is the toughest one. The fear of what it will lead to, the fear of what if things go wrong, the fear of failure, of falling, of disbalance, of unexpected unevenness, of what will 'they' think of me, the fear of judgement are the factors that stop us in taking that first step. We forget that we can not climb the final step of the ladder without really stepping on to the first one. And, trust me the first one that seems the easiest is the toughest to climb on.

You somehow have to shut the fears that keep interrupting you while you are trying, keep trying, motivate your own self (because no one other than your own self can motivate you), leave your inhibitions behind, fight with the demons debating all this while in your head of whether you'd be able to do it or not, thrash the feeling of getting judged for the fall (which is still there in your mind) and take that step.

Once you take the step, you might succeed in getting your inner expectations and societal desires meet or you might meet the fears that you had in your mind. It would be great if things go great and perfect but there is tstill a possibility that the step might not take you directly to what and where you have imagined to reach.

But all this while a big BUT is waiting up for ypu which means that even if you have failed, you definitely have moved a l'il closer to the goal than before. A l'il toward lessons of what went wrong in the first trial, of the things that could be improved, made better with efforts, with practice, with time and a l'il more research and understanding.

And the next time you'd be taking another step forward, no fears, no inhibitions and worldly ghosts will follow you. So, c'mon if not for victory, let's take that first step forward with a hope to learn lessons. Lessons that eventually make us better. Better in a way that things will start to fall in place soon. So, soon that the goal will finally become the reality. A reality which happened due to that very FIRST STEP.

Let's get, set, go!