Sunday, 18 March 2018

Horn Ok Please!

Keep trying when you fail the first two times and you might end up doing it the third time. Nothing could describe my visit to the 3rd edition of Horn Ok Please. (Yeah! I was trying to attend it from last 2 years but couldn't make up anytime.)

To those who are well aware of what it is all about, you can miss reading the next paragraph and to those who don't can continue reading it anyways. 

Horn Ok Please is one of Delhi's famous food truck festivals. This year, a good number of almost 150+ trucks participated in this festival serving all the kind and type of cuisines you can imagine to eat. The festival had some of the city’s best food trucks, food carts, dessert stalls and a Quirk Bazaar.

Because it is a late review for the fest, telling you about when it took place and what were the timings seems ridiculous to me but I'll make sure I post an update before it happens the next time.

As mentioned in my earlier posts, love for food can take me to places, a food festival was one awesome opportunity for me to indulge in a variety of delicacies. Be it the trendy monster shakes, the cool and chocolaty waffles, the constant pasta, the naughty tacos, a glass full of tipsy beer, there was nothing that you could think and miss. 

If you are looking at the above picture, the fest was divided into sections including a Quirk Bazaar which was a quirky stuff market. Next up the Pop up District was an entire section which was entirely dedicated to popular food outlets dishing out scrumptious single cuisine delicacies at this fest! Beer Garden as the name suggests was the place you could drink, dance and hang around! Grub Campus was the most populated area of the fest because it served everything a campus student would buy and eat under a pocket friendly price of Rs. 200 (Oh yes! Rest of the things were pretty expensive). Rest of the sections served a variety of what's mentioned in their names. (Ofcorce, toilets didn't served anything! LoL!)

Important Things Now:

1. What to wear the next time you visit there? What we wore there?
2. Are you attracted to quirky and colorful decorations? You can't miss these pictures then.
3. Food we had!

Let's get started!

1. What to wear the next time you visit there? What we wore there?

Because it is a food fest you would not want to wear tight fitting clothes there if you are planning to hop onto a lot of food. So, wear something easy breezy if it happens in summers the next time. Moreover, as you have to walk a lot, make sure you wear the most comfortable pair of footwear there. Lastly, carry sunglasses if you visiting the place in the day time. You would love to thank me for that later.

Part 2 of the question is what we wore. Being a fashion blogger along with a food-lover makes you click a lot of OOTD pictures that you can suggest your readers to wear for the event. You can check out what I and my friends wore that day.

2. Are you attracted to quirky and colorful decorations? You can't miss these pictures then.

3. Food we had!

Barbeeque Chicken Tikka and Chaap!

That's love. Popularly called White Saus Pasta! <3

So, I have a disorder called 'Order bad drinks'. The one that's transparent is plain Virjin Mohito which can never be wrong but because I ordered it, it was meant to be and yes, it sucked! The other one saved our life 'Green Apple Mohito' the saviour! 

Okay, this is the menu card of the shack we had the lovely White Saus Pasta from!

Do you have a soft corner for pastries and cakes, this Red Velvet Cheese Cake jar took my breadth away!

This is the lovely Nutella Waffle Monster from Oh So Stoned! Too sweet to handle!

This one was my favourite of the day. The Mexican Masala Potato Stick.  We spent the half day searching from where the people were getting this and the other half trying the other cheesy and masala flavors of the same. 

I just had the French Fries that didn't touched the Butten Chicken and the Gravy in this BC Fries where BC ofcorce stands for Butter Chicken!

4. Wondering why I didn't mentioned it above? Because this is just for fun!

Don't miss the caption on top of the Truck! 

'Mazaa Na Aaye Khaane Me Toh Report Likhwaae Thaane Me!'

That's all Folks! I hope I post you about the next edition of Horn Ok Please in advance. Till then stay tuned for other awesome stories and don't forget to share your reviews!


Sunday, 11 March 2018

Say It Out Loud. ❤️

Say it out loud and clear and for god's or for your own sake, stop keeping things inside. 

When I say the above lines, I am not afraid of how you as a reader will take it but one thing I am sure of is keeping things inside, bottling secrets or things you ever wanted to tell any.. any.. anyone will only repress you.

I recently witnessed a loss of a young dear one. Do you want to know the reason behind this loss of life? 

Yes, bottled up feelings, some confrontations and the fear of sharing things extinguished a heartbeat forever.

This fast-paced life that we live in, we often forget to tell people how much we love them, admire them, care for them, are irritated by them, are hurt with anything they did, that we are thinking about them, are afraid of initiating a conversaion with them, or that we are simply missing them. We often feel that there's no use of telling an age old secret to someone who can do nothing about it apart from just keeping it with them. 

Let me tell you a secret today.

Saying out everything big that you wanted to tell people. Everything that feels like a nail you are keeping inside your pocket that hurts you every now and then when you jump in the pond of your past. Everything that is giving you nothing but sleepless nights, sharing all of it will give you peace. It will help you sleep with a smile, a sleep so sound that you will wake up fresh with an ear to ear smile on your face. A smile that will come deep from your heart. And when I say this, I have seen someone sleeping so peacefully after sharing a secret. That secret sharing session didn't gifted that person anything but a smile while asleep that I kept gazing at, the entire night. Yes, this is why I couldn't sleep that night. It did nothing but helped that person share some of the load that he/she was bearing from a long time. 

So, today, if you are reading this, go tell that one person that you want them back, go tell him you miss him, go tell her that she hurt you, go clear out all the lies that you've told them, go clear your misunderstandings, say sorry, ask for forgiveness, forgive them, move on, tell him why you weren't talking to him the way you do, go fight with them, shout at them, let loose of your hands and give them some tough punches but tell them what you are keeping inside for long or for even some hours because feelings, my dear, are meant to be shared. Keeping them within can cost you big time.

So, quoting one of my favourite lines:

Aaj, aaj ek hasi aur baant lo,
Aaj ek dua aur maang lo,
Aaj ek aansu aur pee lo, 
Aaj ek sapna aur dekh lo,

(Mani's touch now!)

क्योंकि ये ज़िन्दगी बहोत छोटी है और हमारे पास वक़्त बोहोत कम। ❤️

PS: Give it a shot. Let's share stories or secrets or tell me something you never told me. Share a moment when I hurt you that you never told me about. Share an instance when I helped you smile. Let's share not just secrets but feelings. ❤️

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

High time to turn #Selective

"But, there are times when we might learn a good thing out of the thing you are referring to as crap." was my answer.

"But you can learn a million good things from a better option in the same time that you invested on that crap hoping to find 'a good thing' there. Time, you see! It is the one thing that we lack on because life is too small to waste on shitty things. Make it big instead by being with people, doing things, reading books that are worth." was the reply I got back.

Okay! So, I was never that selective kind. Be it books, movies, humans, I've wasted pretty much time finding 'good things' out of crap and what I am/was eventually left with was some years wasted on non-deserving humans, crap books, useless stories and what not.

I have been all ears to stories that nobody ever heard, stories that interested me but left me all wasting some of the important moments of my life on things and people that don't even matter. And, when I say crap, I hold no grudges and no hard feelings against you/it. It's just that I've realised the meaning of 'Let it go' a l'il late but at a fairly perfect time of my life.

I have realised that I have wasted a lot of energy on doing things that were not meant for me/didn't made me happy.

I have realised the value of spending time with oneself.

I have realised the value of spending time in doing things that matter to you.

I have realised that not everyone will listen to you when you have a lot to say so better shut the fuck up and write it down.

I have realised that not everyone will understand you, your things, stop giving them explanations. People will go, let them go and move on.

Stay alone than being with people who degrade you. Or spend some time sorting their life maybe.

Do not expect good things happening to you when you are not even ready to spare some time for yourself.

I have realised that instead of spending time watching that crap on TV, better do something you've always yearn to do. Read maybe!

And while reading, be selective with what you are allowing to enter in your mind because 'time' like it was mentioned above is something we lack. So, let's stop wasting it on wrong ones and spend it with the right ones.

Don't you pick out the best apple from the basket from a lot of rotten ones? Do it with your life too.

A l'il less stories, a bit more of facts.
A l'il less of speaking, a bit more of learning.
A l'il less of crap, a lot more of worth.

I am trying to be a better human and trying to expand my horizons. You should too.

PS: Thank you for the lesson. I realised it a bit late but what's better than being late than never. ❤️

PPS: Sure, fun and entertainment is important. Try to dedicate least possible time to it maybe.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

My Earring Odyssey! ❤️

Fashion is like eating, you shouldn't always stick with the same menu. And, when talking about fashion, earrings is one thing that defines both the mood and style of the one one wearing them so sticking to the same age-old (gold earrings/tops) or that single earrring that you wear everyday is something you need to quit right now. Now means now!

I was more of a tom-boy in my early years and the obsession that I now have for earrings and fashion is something that I have got from my sister. Every story has a beginning and my quest for collecting earrings has brought me here.

The lanes of Janpath, corridoors of CP, Delhi Haats, Turab Nagar and online shopping portals have been my favourite shopping destinations for this iconic accessory. Known for adding the much needed ethnic to a touch of class, you can mix and match these well and be all set to rock the world.
Ready to dive into my collection?

1. Too much Tassle:
Tassle is the new love for people like me who have this habit of checking out earring shops every now and then to find something out of the box or trendy. Available in a variety of patterns and colors, these could be teamed well with both ethnic qnd western wear to add a sparkle of fusion. Those attracted to Boho/Bohemian styling can wear these as their fashion statement.

2. OMG Oxidised:
Are you one of those who loves wearing solids and find your look a bit plain? C'mon, these oxidised earrings are the need of the hour. And, why just solids, mix and match these with prints ranging from blocks to kamalkari to what not and let your world wonder the secret behind your new look. Inspired from tribal patterns and street style, you can easily find these at every earring shop.

3. Jhumka जवानी :
Are you more inclined towards ethnic wear, short kurtas, scarves, stoles and dupatta around your neck and think that this look defines you? It must be your way, gorgeous! Inspired by authentic artwork and age old crafting style, you can choose your options from the thousands available there for you. (And you know what, you can always create magic by adding a black bindi when trying this Eccentrically-Ethnic-Avataar!) ❤️

4. Funky Flora:
I am one fan of floral prints and have a wide collection of floral printed dresses, kurta and tops. If you are someone like me, you must not miss having this kind in your jewellery box. All these flower-pattern earrings could be teamed up with printed dresees, sober tops, heavy kurtas (Trust me, you wouldn't want to keep it all heavy. A peice of advise: Wear light earrings with a heavy ethnic dress to balance your look). ❤️ 

Got a better way to style this variety, do share in the comment section below. (Winks)

5. Bhai Bhai buttons:

Okay! I agree! Not every day is same and we really don't have time to mix and match all these heavy jewellery pieces everyday. So? What could be done? 

It's simple silly! Wear a simple button-type earring matching with your dress or to add a l'il creativity contrast it up with the color of your dress, your footwear and you are all set to rock.

6. Quirky Quest:
All ready to be a part of your college's fest but still wondering what kind of earring to wear? This is for you beautiful. I might lack variety in this range but if you are someone who loves quirky items more than the statement traditional and ethinic jhumkas, nothing should stop you from adding these to your look.

From being the essestial styling items to dedicated shopping hours, their importance has drastically changed in my life.

My favourite pieces:

Are you also in love with earrings? 

What's your earring story?

Do share all of it in the comment section below.

Till then shine bright in your favourite pair and don't forget to smile. ❤️

Good News: None of the earrings cost me more than 200 bucks. So, you can relax and buy as many as you can! Happy Shopping!

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Wood Baked Love - Haristo Cafe & Pizzeria!

They say true love is hard to find but what if you are in love with food? Love for food could be found at every nook and corner of every city.

Hello there,

I am a foodie I could say but it is not justified with my selective eating habits which is why I claim myself as a Veg-Junk-Foodie. Love for food has taken me to places and it was my 3rd visit to Haristo. Wondering why I haven't posted a review before after my 1st or 2nd visit there? 

Good things take time and so does tasting of multiple dishes at a place specially when your pocket allows 1-2 items per visit. (No, I am not gareeb! Okay, kind of! Sponsor me instead of the pity face you are making right now.)

So, Haristo it is!

It is a newly opened Pizzeria in Ghaziabad, RDC which is also having its branches at Noida and Indirapuram. Known for its wood-fired pizzas, it is probably the first in the city to serve authentic wood-baked pizzas. My three visits to this place have already created an aura of love that I have in my heart for its food but the other interesting part of this cafe is its interior and ambiance. If you have a soft corner for quirky interiors, flowers, classy bird cages, umbrella ceiling, fluorescent hued windows and frames, a visit from your end is a must for the sake of it.

Food I ordered:

Because I've been there thrice, I am adding all the things I tried on all the 3 visits.
Oreo Love
Blueberry Pie Shake
Death by Brownie
Classic Kitkat
Cola Fusion Mojito
Watermelon Cooler
Alfredo Penne Pasta
Makhni Pasta
Italian Gourmet Pizza

While all the other things that I ordered were safe choices, Blueberry pie Shake, Makhni Pasta and Italian Gourmet Pizza were the 3 different things that I tried here. Talking about individual items:

Oreo Love was love.

Blueberry Pie Shake was too much blueberry (which was good) but a l'il extra sweet (which not everybody likes).

Death by Brownie will kill all the demons of your mind till the time your mouth is full of this lovely shake.

Classic KitKat tasted like Kitkat in milk. (Okay, it was fine!)

Cola Fusion Moojito was just Lemon and Mint in Coca Cola (I expected a l'il more fizz in it)

Watermelon Cooler was as rejuvinating as having a fresh watermelon on a sunny summer afternoon.

Alfredo Penne Pasta was quite nice but those who like their Pasta to have a l'il extra gravy might miss that in it.

Italian Gourmet was a well baked, crispy, thin crust pizza with a perfect amount of Jalepeno, olives, pineapple and sweet corn and cheese ofcorse (I know, who eats pineapple on a pizza but trust me it is one of my favorite toppings of all time.).

Makhni Pasta was Dal Makhni (Indian flavor) combined with too much cream and cheese (Italian spark). It was a true Indo-Italian Fusion and the showstopper dishes out of all I tasted. Yayyy! 

Alfredo Pasta

The 3rd one I took there, Deeds

Makhni Pasta
KitKat Shake in Green and Oreo Love in the color of Love.
Cola Fusion Mohito in Black and WaterMelon Cooler in Red!

Death By Brownie in red Jar and Italian Gourmet on the side!

The place has a good smiling staff, mouth-watering quality food, quantity of food is perfect, the place is picture friendly for the instagram friendly generation and is not at all expensive.

So, while in Ghaziabad, visit this quirky, amazing pizzeria with your friends, family, date and don't forget to order my favourite Makhni Pasta. 
Thank me later. :)